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Seattle Housing Authority owns properties on more than 400 sites throughout the city. Buildings include low- and high-rise apartments, townhomes, and single- and multi-family dwellings. Properties generally fall into one of the five following categories.

Low Income Public Housing

Seattle Housing Authority operates 31 Low Income Public Housing communities, with housing spread among family communities with townhome units and medium- to large-sized high-rise apartment buildings.

Seattle Senior Housing Program

The agency operates 23 Seattle Senior Housing Program communities. Senior housing properties are small- to medium-sized low-rise buildings.

High Point, NewHolly, Rainier Vista

Seattle Housing Authority has led the redevelopment of three public housing communities located at High Point, NewHolly, and Rainier Vista. Originally designed as housing for defense workers during World War II, these neighborhoods have recently been transformed into mixed-income communities. Private buyers own for-sale homes in these neighborhoods, while Seattle Housing Authority manages their low-income public housing units.

Other Affordable Housing

The Impact Property Management division's Special Portfolio is made up of more than 20 properties operated by Seattle Housing Authority. It serves low-income residents and includes multi-family buildings, and small- to medium-sized apartment complexes.

Scattered Sites

Seattle Housing Authority's Scattered Sites program locates lower-density low-income public housing throughout the city. The agency currently owns more than 300 such properties, including single-family, duplex, triplex and small multi-family buildings.