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Online Pre-Application

Seattle Housing Authority's online pre-application allows you to apply for housing programs with open waiting lists, including Low Income Public Housing; the Seattle Senior Housing Program; High Point, NewHolly, and Rainier Vista; and Impact Property Management / Special Portfolio.

The application guide (PDF, 3.73 MB, download Adobe Reader) includes all of the information you need to complete the pre-application.

If you would prefer not to apply online, you may call 206-239-1737 to have the pre-application form mailed to you. You can also download the pre-application form (PDF, 2.22 MB) for printing and mailing to Seattle Housing Authority.

All information is securely stored and will only be used to add your name to our waiting lists.

Required information

Completing the online pre-application should take no more than 30 minutes if you gather all the required information ahead of time. Please be prepared to provide:

  • A current mailing address and telephone number where we can reach you
  • Names of everyone who will live with you
  • Social Security numbers for everyone who will live with you
  • Dates of birth for everyone who will live with you
  • The sex (male/female) of everyone who will live with you
  • The race and ethnicity of everyone who will live with you
  • Whether anyone who will live with you is handicapped or disabled
  • The primary language of the head of household
  • The current living situation (for example, "homeless" or "not homeless") of the head of household
  • The value of all household assets (for example, bank accounts, investments and real estate)
  • The total monthly income of the household (including all household members)
  • The sources of all income (wages, pensions, TANF, and other sources)
  • The housing programs for which you want to apply

IMPORTANT! You must fully complete your on-line pre-application to have your name added to the waiting list

Follow the instructions carefully and consult the Application Guide to learn how to choose properties and programs. You must provide all of the information requested, and you MUST include a mailing address.  We will NOT notify you if we cannot add your name to the waiting list as a result of missing information or inappropriate property selections. To help ensure that your name can be added to the waiting list, come to our office and let us help you, or call us at (206) 239-1737 for assistance. Call us again if you do not receive a confirmation letter within six weeks.

Saving your pre-application

You can save an incomplete pre-application and finish it later—just click the Save and Sign Out link on the left side of each page. Any information you have entered up until that point will be saved. To retrieve your information later, return to this page and click on the Sign in and Finish link on the left. You will need your user name and password (created during the pre-application process) to access your saved pre-application.

Submitting your pre-application

If you provide an email address, you will receive an email message confirming that you have submitted your pre-application. In addition, Seattle Housing Authority will send a confirmation letter to the mailing address you provide. If you do not receive a confirmation letter within six weeks, or if any of the information in your confirmation letter is incorrect, contact us immediately.

Making changes to your pre-application

After submitting your pre-application, you will only be able to make changes in person at Seattle Housing Authority's Central Office or by writing to Seattle Housing Authority, Admissions Office,
P.O. Box 19028, 190 Queen Anne Ave N, 98109-1028.

Apply now

When you are ready to begin filling out the online pre-application, click the Apply Now button below. If you are completing a saved application, click on the Sign In and Finish link at the top left.