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HOPE VI Eligibility

For rentals at higher income levels, contact each community's management office directly.

Area median income is the midpoint income for the Seattle area. It is determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and means that half of the people earn more than the median, and half of the people earn less. The limits listed below are current as of March 2016, but may change without notice:

For eligibility of public housing, click here.

Family size Income limit
1 $37,980
2 $43,380
3 $48,780
4 $54,180
5 $58,560
6 $62,880
7 $67,200
8 $71,520

Above information current as of March 28, 2016.

A household's assets—money, property, and other goods having value—are taken into account when calculating income. The actual value of your assets is not included, but income created from your assets is. If you have money in a savings account, for example, that money will not be added to your income. However, if you earn interest from the money in your account, the interest will be considered part of your annual income.

General Requirements

  1. Completed application for all household members.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  2. Photo Identification for all household members.
  3. Valid Social Security number for all household members.
  4. Each applicant must qualify individually.
  5. Lack of response from applicant for additional information after the 3rd business day will result in a denial.
  6. Providing false information or a gross misrepresentation of the truth on the application will result in a denial.

General suitability

Seattle Housing Authority is responsible for maintaining stable and safe living environments for its residents. For this reason, applications are screened in the same way most private property managers would do. To be considered suitable, you must show you are able to pay rent when due, take care of an apartment, and live peacefully with neighbors. Your credit history will also be screened.

Rental Requirements for Tax Credit Units

  1. Four or more late payments can be cause for denial.
  2. Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent or charges for damages can be cause for denial until paid in full.

Income Requirements

  1. A monthly income equal to two and a half (2.5) times the monthly rent.
  2. Verifiable employment or rental assistance is required.
  3. Must meet current income requirements as published annually by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC).

Credit Requirements

  1. Any applicant with a bankruptcy not showing as a discharge is denied until shown otherwise.
  2. Any negative credit after bankruptcy can be cause for denial.
  3. Credit showing more than $5,000.00 in bad debt will result in denial. (An exception is made if debt is due to medical bills or student loans)

Criminal history

  1. Any criminal offense, which has taken place within the last seven (7) years, is a consideration for denial.
  2. If the criminal offense was of a physical or violent nature against either person or property, the applicant will be denied.
  3. Any criminal activity including selling or possession with intent to sell drugs will result in a denial.
  4. Any person subject to a lifetime registration requirement under any state’s sex offender registration program will be denied.