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Program Overview

Households in the Project-based and Mod Rehab programs pay 30 percent of their monthly income for rent and utilities. Housing assistance covers the remaining cost of rent and utilities.

This type of housing assistance works differently than the vouchers used in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Unlike Housing Choice Vouchers, it can't be used in the private rental market, and it can't be used to pay for different units. It only helps pay for specific units in buildings managed by private landlords or Seattle Housing Authority in the Project-based and Mod Rehab programs.

Property managers advertise vacant units and have their own screening criteria. You must contact partner housing locations directly to learn about each building's eligibility guidelines, available units, and how to apply.

Rent and utilities

Households pay 30 percent of monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities in the Project-based and Mod Rehab programs. Monthly adjusted income is your household's gross income, after certain deductions and allowances are taken into account. Households continue to pay reduced rent as long as they live in a Project-based or Mod Rehab unit.

Annual reviews & inspections

Once a year, Seattle Housing Authority checks to make sure that tenants are still eligible for the program. The agency checks the household's income and family composition.

Seattle Housing Authority also inspects Project-based and Mod Rehab units at least once a year to ensure compliance with Housing Quality Standards. The annual inspection generally takes place at about the same time as the annual review. The unit must pass the inspection for assistance to continue.


You may move from one Project-based or Mod Rehab building to another and continue to receive assistance, but you will have to submit a new application for the new building. Eligibility requirements may vary among buildings. If you move into a unit that is not covered by the program, you will lose your housing assistance.

Terminating assistance

Seattle Housing Authority may terminate your assistance when your income increases to the point you are no longer eligible, or because you have not fulfilled the program's obligations.