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2011 Changes to Seattle Senior Housing Program

In 2011, Seattle Housing added the Low Income Public Housing subsidy to the majority of Seattle Senior Housing Program (SSHP) units in order to address the long term financial stability of the program and continue serving the same population. Seattle Housing utilized its Moving to Work status with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to keep the portfolio looking and feeling much the same as it does today. Nonetheless, a few changes were made to some SSHP policies:

  • The extra charge for two-bedroom units was changed to a flat 10 percent above the regular rent tier rather than $25-$100 depending on market conditions.
  • Housing Choice Voucher participation ended for all households in units now receiving Public Housing subsidy because both subsidy types cannot go to the same unit at the same time. These households were grandfathered at their HCV rent level and the sustainable distribution of rents was revised.
  • SSHP residents will soon begin a process to re-certify their residency every three years. This involves reporting and verifying household income and circumstances. Updating this information on a regular schedule allows for monitoring Seattle Housing's compliance with rent policy and other HUD regulatory requirements.

Public Housing subsidy was not added to South Park Manor, Ravenna School Apartments, and Leschi House, but may be in the future.