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Program Overview

Tenant-based Housing Choice Vouchers allow voucher recipients to choose and rent units from private landlords and owners. If you are in good standing with Seattle Housing Authority and have units within Seattle city limits, you are welcome to participate.

Seattle Housing Authority pays a fixed amount of the rent to you each month. The tenant pays the difference between this subsidy and the total rent, in addition to any utilities not included in the rent. In general, tenants pay at least 30 percent—but no more than 40 percent—of their monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities. Tenants may pay more than 40 percent of their income after the first year.

The program does not place limits on the amount of rent you can charge, but rents must be comparable to similar units in the same area. You may apply to raise the rent after a tenant's first full year of occupancy.

Program benefits

Timely payments

Every month you receive part of each voucher holder's rent from Seattle Housing Authority. These housing assistance payments arrive at the same time every month. The payments help low-income families afford decent housing while providing you with a dependable source of income.

Flexibility and stability

If a tenant's income unexpectedly drops, Seattle Housing Authority can reduce their portion of the rent and increase Seattle Housing Authority’s portion. This flexibility helps voucher-assisted tenants miss fewer payments and maintain stable tenancies.

Maintaining property value

Housing inspections help owners identify and fix problems with units. By ensuring that units are kept in good condition, the program improves tenants' quality of life and helps you protect your investments.

Vacancy advertising

While Seattle Housing Authority cannot refer tenants to specific buildings, the agency does help tenants find housing by maintaining lists of units available for rent in the Seattle area. The lists are updated every Friday and are widely distributed to partner agencies. You may list as many units as you wish, free of charge.