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2005 MTW Report

The Board of Commissioners approved Seattle Housing Authority's 2005 Moving To new Ways Annual Report in December 2005. It summarizes the year's activities and accomplishments.

A summary of the report is outlined below. The full report and its appendices (PDF, 2.01 MB , download Adobe Reader) are also available.

People served

  • Seattle Housing Authority housed 11,861 households, including people with Housing Choice Vouchers, those in public housing or residents in the Seattle Senior Housing Program. The number of people served slightly decreased from 12,027 households in 2004, due to attrition in Housing Choice Voucher participants and the sale of Market House, which had 51 units, to another low-income housing provider.

  • The agency's public housing program saw a net increase of 140 households due to the leasing of Othello Station at NewHolly.

  • 11,074 households were on one or more wait lists for housing assistance at the end of the year.


  • The Job Connection—Seattle Housing Authority's employment services program—placed 150 residents in jobs with an average hourly wage of $10.33. 81 percent of these positions were full-time and 63 percent had benefits.

  • The rent policies and occupancy standards were changed in the public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs this year. The public housing rent policy changes were intended to strengthen self-sufficiency incentives and make the policies easier for residents to understand and simpler for staff to administer. Changes in the Housing Choice Voucher program were intended to reduce the cost of each voucher to stretch federal funds to serve more households.

  • Technology initiatives were tested or implemented to improve service to residents and partner agencies. An automated monthly check-in for applicants on the wait-list was tested and will likely be rolled out in 2006. The agency also rolled out a new billing system for water consumption at NewHolly, Rainier Vista and High Point to improve the accuracy and timeliness of residents' water bills.

  • Procurement policies changed to offer extra points for Section 3 businesses in the competitive process, which has helped streamline the federal prevailing wage rate administration.

Community revitalization

  • homeWorks, Seattle Housing Authority's high-rise revitalization project, hired a program manager, contracted with a design consultant for all three phases of the project, selected a general contractor for the first phase, and received tax-credit investment proposals.

  • The agency sold 64 Scattered Sites units and purchased 40 two-, three- and four-bedroom units to replace those sold. Nine one-bedroom units were also purchased.

  • 31 units of workforce housing in the Central Area were completed with the rehabilitation of the Ritz Apartments,

  • Construction of rental housing and homes for sale continued at High Point, Rainier Vista and NewHolly. All of the rental housing at NewHolly and the first phase of Rainier Vista is completed and leased.

Housing resources

  • Seattle Housing Authority received funds for up to 448 more Housing Choice Vouchers from the federal government.

  • 163 new public housing rental units and 56 tax-credit units became available at Othello Station. 125 new public housing rental units, 59 tax-credit rental units and 78 units of senior housing (Gamelin House) became available at Rainier Vista. 95 rental units were completed at High Point.

  • The agency continued to sell land to private builders to build homes for sale at NewHolly, Rainier Vista and High Point. In all, seven builders will construct about 360 homes for sale.

Performance indicators

  • The vacancy rate in all low-income housing programs exceeded the performance goal of two percent: 1.83 percent in Public Housing; 1.36 percent in the Seattle Senior Housing Program and 0.97 percent in Section 8 New Construction (Bayview Tower).

  • Seattle Housing Authority responded within 30 days to 97.6 percent of routine requests for maintenance work, and within 24 hours to nearly 100 percent of emergency maintenance requests.

  • 2,930 comprehensive inspections in public housing and all scheduled critical item inspections in other units were completed.

  • The agency used approximately 99 percent of the funds available in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. At the end of the year, the program's 6,848 households were leasing from 2,500 landlords throughout the region. The program met or exceeded all of its performance goals for property inspections.