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2014 MTW Report

Seattle Housing Authority submitted its 2014 MTW Annual Report to HUD on March 31, 2015 and the report was approved by HUD in August 2016. The report summarizes the year's activities and accomplishments.

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People served

  • Seattle Housing served more than 29,000 people in Seattle as of year end 2014, representing nearly 16,000 households.
  • Seattle Housing Authority also provided subsidy to an additional 1,800 households utilizing Housing Choice Vouchers outside of Seattle.
  • Participants in Seattle included more than 5,000 elderly individuals, 9,000 children, and 8,000 people with disabilities.
  • Of all households served as of year end, 39 percent lived in public housing and 56 percent received a voucher. The remaining households were served through various programs including Section 8 Moderate Rehab and tax credit units.
  • Seattle Housing Authority’s year end affordable housing stock included more than 6,000 public housing units and 10,000 vouchers. Additional households were served through various programs including Section 8 Moderate Rehab and tax credit units.
  • Average income for SHA households at year end 2014 was $13,880, up slightly from $13,573 in 2013.
  • Among all of SHA's households in Seattle, elderly and disabled households averaged 8 years length of participation at year end and work-likely households averaged 6 years.

Waiting Lists

  • The number of households waiting for public housing remained high at 7,800 households. The average wait for new move-ins to public housing was 42 months, an increase from the previous average of 31 months in 2013.
  • A list of 2,000 applicants for tenant-based HCV vouchers was established through a lottery in early 2013 and remained closed throughout 2014. Seattle Housing Authority plans to reopen the list via a lottery in 2015.

Changes to housing resources for low-income people

  • Seattle Housing Authority awarded 123 new project-based vouchers in 2014, supporting a wide range of unique permanent supportive housing programs serving individuals and families in Seattle.
  • Significant progress was made on Yesler Terrace redevelopment in 2014. Seattle Housing Authority completed the development of 15 new units at the Baldwin Apartments and construction continued at 1105 East Fir and 820 Yesler Way. Additional milestones included the award of the first contract for infrastructure and the completion of the second phase of demolition.
  • In 2014 Seattle Housing authority completed the renovation and expansion of Leschi House, which added 35 units of senior housing stock.
  • The agency received an additional 69 Veterans Affairs Support Housing vouchers and 12 tenant protection vouchers.
  • Building upgrades included replacement of the steam heating system with gas at Jefferson Terrace, and at several properties exterior work, roof replacements, mailbox replacements, UFAS modifications, and unit and drain repairs.

MTW Activities

Seattle Housing Authority planned for implementation of a number of new MTW activities during the year, two of which launched in 2014. These new MTW activities included:

  • A new activity that streamlines the income documentation process and reduces time for both staff and participants, by allowing the agency to coordinate requirements regarding the length of time that income documentation remains valid across programs and align with the requirements of other funders.
  • Adoption of a policy that allows the agency to disregard one-time or short-term emergency assistance from other sources to prevent households from losing their housing when determining participants’ eligibility and rent contribution.

The two remaining MTW strategies that were approved in the 2014 Annual Plan were an interagency domestic violence transfer agreement and a pilot initiative that will provide financial assistance for security deposits and similar moving costs for voucher households seeking to live in higher opportunity neighborhoods. Policies and partnership agreements for both of these activities were under development throughout the year and their implementation is anticipated in 2015.

Evaluation of Seattle Housing Authority's ongoing MTW activities identified a number of achievements in cost and time savings in 2014, as well as increased access to service-enriched housing. These reported outcomes included:

  • More than 3,000 units paired with supportive services made available in Seattle through project-based commitments.
  • More than 1,000 hours of staff time saved through efficiencies in inspections.
  • More than $1 million saved through resource conservations strategies, including the use of dedicated staff to continuously identify opportunities to increase resource conversation and reduce costs rather than conducting a HUD-prescribed energy audit every five years, as well as water conservation and electrical upgrades.

For more information about the MTW annual report or the MTW program, contact Beka Smith, Assistant Asset Management Coordinator, at or 206-615-3576.