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Doug Morrison appointed to serve on Seattle Housing Authority board

Four-year term was confirmed by the City Council on August 2

SEATTLE — August 12, 2010 — Doug Morrison began his term this month as the newest Seattle Housing Authority Commissioner, and the first to be appointed by Mayor Mike McGinn.

Doug Morrison

Doug Morrison

Morrison was appointed by Mayor McGinn to a four-year term on July 28 and unanimously confirmed by the City Council on August 2.
Morrison has resided in Seattle Housing Authority buildings for more than 20 years. He has held several offices on the Resident Action Council, an advocacy organization for residents in Seattle Housing Authority communities, and chaired the Joint Policy Advisory Committee. After serving for ten years in the U.S. Air Force, Morrison pursued a career as a nurse and a substance abuse counselor.

According to Seattle Housing Authority Executive Director Tom Tierney, “Doug Morrison has been a leader in resident advocacy efforts for many years. That experience, combined with his work experience, will make him a knowledgeable and empathic member of the Board of Commissioners.”

In reflecting on his appointment to the Commission, Morrison made note of his desire to be of service to residents. “I have really enjoyed working with my fellow residents over the past few years, and I think this appointment will give me an opportunity to take that a step further.” He noted that his experience as president of the Resident Action Council had been particularly educational. “Through my work with the RAC I have learned a lot about the Seattle Housing Authority. I hope to be able to work through this appointment to improve communication between residents and the housing authority.”

Morrison’s first official event as a Seattle Housing Authority Commissioner was a board briefing on August 10. His first official meeting will be on September 20.