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Seattle Housing board adopts new 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Plan titled 'Bold Plans in the Face of Uncertainty'

Strategic Plan 2011-2015

SEATTLE – September 23, 2010 - Seattle Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners adopted a new agency Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 at a special meeting Monday, September 20. The plan, entitled “Bold Plans in the Face of Uncertainty,” affirms the housing authority’s core commitments, addresses foreseeable challenges and opportunities, and maps the agency’s course for the next five years.

Before its adoption, the plan which was over a year in the making, was presented to and discussed at meetings of residents, staff, management and the Board of Commissioners. The plan sets out overarching goals and directions for the agency while the annual budgets and Moving to Work plans deal with specific enactments of those goals and directions.

“We’re very pleased to have this plan completed,” said Tom Tierney, Seattle Housing Executive Director. “Many people contributed good ideas and suggestions and helped shape the plan, which will guide us in all we do over the next five years.”

The new plan, which can be downloaded on the agency’s website, begins by setting out Seattle Housing’s mission and value statements and its strategic focus and guiding principles. It then describes challenges the agency expects to face over the next five years, notably those presented by the Great Recession.

It acknowledges that the credit slump and debt incurred due to redevelopment projects present financial obstacles to creating new low-income housing. At the same time, the plan acknowledges that the rising U.S. budget deficit may considerably impact federal resources for economic stimulus.

The plan provides for the completion of the redevelopment of NewHolly, Rainier Vista and High Point family communities and recognizes the need for additional housing for a rising population of low-income seniors.

Outlined in the new plan are five strategic directions that are expected to be the focus of Seattle Housing Authority’s activities over the next five years:

  • Expand housing opportunities for low-income residents across Seattle by maintaining and expanding the supply of low-income housing stock.
  • Expand housing access and choice for low-income residents using Housing Choice vouchers.
  • Assist housing participants in gaining access to education and employment opportunities so they can improve their lives.
  • Provide additional services to, and increase the stock of housing for, low-income seniors.
  • Partner with others to create healthy, welcoming and supportive living environments in Seattle Housing Authority communities.

The plan also outlines three management strategies the housing authority will employ to succeed in following the strategic directions mentioned above:

  • Manage the Seattle Housing Authority as effectively as possible to meet the agency’s mission.
  • Identify and implement sustainable practices throughout the agency to minimize impact on the environment.
  • Promote a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

See the complete newly adopted 2011-2015 Strategic Plan in PDF here. To request a printed copy, contact the Seattle Housing Authority’s Communications Office at 206-615-3522. Printed copies will soon be available in all Seattle Housing management offices.