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homeWorks is Seattle Housing Authority's four-year program to renovate 22 Low Income Public Housing high-rises.

The goal of the project is to protect low-income housing by extending the service life of the buildings while providing a better living environment for residents. At the same time, the project looks to minimize the impact on residents, who continue to live in their apartments during construction.

Green Lake Plaza

The project is happening in three phases. The first phase of construction began in the Spring of 2006 and is now complete. The second phase completed in November 2008. The third and final phase is scheduled to end in December 2009.

A wide range of renovations are being made to 22 aging public housing high-rises throughout Seattle, over the span of four years.

Because the homeWorks project takes place in buildings that are already occupied, Seattle Housing Authority has taken great care to minimize the disruption felt by residents.

See some of the buildings being improved through homeWorks—before, during and after their renovations.