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Replacement Housing

In May 2007, the last of 871 low-income housing units originally located at the old Holly Park were replaced. 530 of these units were replaced on-site.

More information on Seattle Housing Authority's commitment to replacement housing.

Holly Park resident relocation

All residents living in Holly Park at the time of the HOPE VI grant award (May 31, 1996) were eligible for relocation benefits under the federal Uniform Relocation Act.

This law insured that no resident would be left without a decent, safe and affordable home as a result of the redevelopment process. Relocation benefits included counseling, assistance with moving as needed, and reimbursement of moving expenses. A number of social service agencies and businesses also received relocation assistance.

832 households required relocation. Each received individual counseling regarding their rights and opportunities. The Holly Park Community Council contracted with Seattle Housing Authority to provide these services with a staff of six, capable of speaking twelve different languages.

Each household had their choice of the following options:

  • Relocate permanently to a different Seattle Housing Authority community.
  • Relocate permanently using a Housing Choice Voucher in the private rental market.
  • Relocate temporarily and return to NewHolly when the redevelopment was completed.

Those who chose to relocate permanently from Holly Park were the first to move. To the greatest extent possible, residents whose first choice was to stay at NewHolly remained on-site.

By April 2002 the process for all of the 832 original Holly Park households was completed. Even though the third phase of the redevelopment is still in process, the needs of all original households have been met. 89 percent of those whose first choice was to return to NewHolly were able to do so.

Replacement housing results

Name Photo Manager Units Types
NewHolly public housing NewHolly public housing Impact Property Management 400 38 1-bedroom
111 2-bedroom
212 3-bedroom
34 4-bedroom
5 5-bedroom
Peter Claver House Peter Claver House Providence Health Systems 80 80 1-bedroom
Park Place Park Place Retirement Housing Foundation 50 50 1-bedroom
Stone Way Apartments Stone Way Apartments Bellwether 35 8 1-bedroom
17 2-bedroom
10 3-bedroom
Domingo/Viernes Apartments Domingo/Viernes Apartments SCIDPDA 31 14 2-bedroom
17 3-bedroom
Colwell Building Colwell Building Plymouth Housing Group 25 25 1-bedroom
Views at Madison Views at Madison Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center 24 10 1-bedroom
10 2-bedroom
4 3-bedroom
Scattered Sites   Seattle Housing Authority 21 11 2-bedroom
10 3-bedroom
Nihonmachi Terrace   Inter*Im Community Development 20 9 2-bedroom
8 3-bedroom
3 4-bedroom
Colonial Gardens Colonial Gardens King County Housing Authority 20 17 2-bedroom
3 3-bedroom
Aki Kurose Village Aki Kurose Village Low Income Housing Institute 19 8 2-bedroom
9 3-bedroom
2 4-bedroom
Central Area Townhomes   Seattle Housing Authority 15 10 3-bedroom
5 4-bedroom
Lake City Commons Lake City Commons Seattle Housing Authority 15 15 2-bedroom
Lakeview Apartments Lakeview Apartments Low Income Housing Institute 15 10 1-bedroom
5 2-bedroom
Montridge Arms Montridge Arms Wilson Management 15 15 2-bedroom
Westwood Heights East Westwood Heights East Quantum Management 15 15 2-bedroom
Broadway Crossing Broadway Crossing Capitol Hill Housing 10 10 2-bedroom
Cate Apartments Cate Apartments Low Income Housing Institute 10 7 2-bedroom
3 3-bedroom
Pantages Apartments Pantages Apartments Capitol Hill Housing 10 10 2-bedroom
Tyree Scott Apartments Tyree Scott Apartments Low Income Housing Institute 10 5 2-bedroom
4 3-bedroom
1 4-bedroom
Judkins Park Apartments Judkins Park Apartments Bellwether 8 6 2-bedroom
2 3-bedroom
One Community Commons One Community Commons Delridge Neighborhood Development Association 7 7 2-bedroom
Starliter Apartments Starliter Apartments Mt. Baker Housing Association 6 6 2-bedroom
Denny Park Apartments Denny Park Apartments Low Income Housing Institute 5 3 2-bedroom
2 3-bedroom
Katharine's Place Katharine's Place Archdiocesan Housing Authority 5 3 2-bedroom
2 3-bedroom