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Councils & Committees

Resident councils

A number of Low Income Public Housing communities have duly elected resident councils recognized by both Seattle Housing Authority and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as groups that represent residents' interests:

Resident councils generally plan activities and events for their buildings, and look for ways to make their buildings friendlier and safer. Sometimes they plan potlucks and social and educational events.

Check the bulletin board in your building for news about your resident council. For more information, contact one of the following Community Builders: Marcia Johnson (206-239-1530), Ellen Ziontz (206-239-1625), or Brett Houghton (206-343-7484).

Resident Action Council

The Resident Action Council (RAC) is a group of Seattle Housing Authority residents who meet ten times a year to consider and act on issues concerning public housing and other issues affecting low-income people. Decisions on which issues the organization will address are made by a vote of the current membership at a regular meeting of the organization.

Full membership in the RAC is open to any individual over 18 who leases a unit in Seattle Housing Authority's Low Income Public Housing program. Associate membership is available to residents of other agency housing programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8).

The Resident Action Council Board is elected by the membership annually. The Board includes:

  • President — Kristin O'Donnell— Yesler Terrace
  • Vice President — Troy Smith — Olive Ridge
  • Secretary — Jim Bush — Center Park
  • Treasurer — Lydia Shepherd — Steward Manor
  • Ombudsperson — Jude Morris — Lake City House

The RAC meets the second Wednesday of most months. Information about the RAC is posted in public housing communities, and meeting times and places are listed in The Voice resident newspaper. To find out more about the RAC, or to be added to its email list, write to 2600 S Walker St, Suite B-1, Seattle, WA 98144-4711; call 206-322-1297; or e-mail Jim Bush at

To contact the RAC, please e-mail them at

Joint Policy Advisory Committee

The Joint Policy Advisory Committee (JPAC) meets on a quarterly basis to review major draft policies affecting Seattle Housing Authority's Low Income Public Housing program.

JPAC includes public housing residents and agency staff. JPAC has advised Seattle Housing Authority about policies concerning pets, rent, smoke detectors, fraud, house rules, occupancy standards, and the Community Service and Self-Sufficiency Requirement, among others. The Committee also provides input about the agency's annual Moving to new Ways (MTW) plan.

Each duly elected resident council is able to have a representative and an alternate as members of JPAC. Seattle Housing Authority also encourages residents from communities without resident councils to participate.

For more information, contact the agency's Community Services Administrator, John Forsyth, at 206-615-3579.

Board of Commissioners

Seattle Housing Authority's seven-member Board of Commissioners meets monthly to set policy governing the agency. They are appointed by the Mayor of Seattle and confirmed by the City Council. Two residents serve on the Board. Learn more about the Board of Commissioners and view their upcoming meeting schedule. Board meetings are open to the public.