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Education Programs

The Higher Education Project is an inter-agency community coalition providing youth and their families in Seattle Housing Authority's public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs with services to help them pursue higher education.

The coalition was formed in 2002 to develop strategies to increase the chances of middle and high school students in these programs going onto higher education, including technical school, vocational school, and many two year specialty training programs at Seattleā€™s community colleges.

For more information about the Higher Education Project, contact Courtney Cameron at 206-239-1724.

Four scholarship programs are available to help people receiving housing assistance from Seattle Housing Authority. Scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $10,000.

Other Education Resources

Several other agencies including Goodwill, Washboard and the Seattle Vocational Institute provide post-high school educational opportunities.

A guide has been prepared by Neighborhood House and the Higher Education Project to help students and parents plan for college.

The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities put together a publication of case studies showing how strong education initiatives are essential to transcending poverty. Seattle Housing is featured.