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Other education resources

The College Bound Scholarship Program provides hope and incentive for students and families who otherwise might not consider college because of cost.

Low-income 7th and 8th graders who sign a pledge by June 30 or their 8th grade year are eligible. Students promise to graduate from high school, demonstrate good citizenship and seek adminssion to a college or university. The amount of the scholarship is based on tuition rates at Washington public colleges and universities.

Seattle Education Access doors are open to any low-income person under 30. They offer a free, welcoming, non-judgmental approach to helping youing people living in poverty get the education they need to thrive. Their programs include the College Success Program and Youth Outreach.

Goodwill has a Career Pathways program in North Seattle that links students with job training programs at area community colleges, then supports them so they can complete certificates or degrees that will lead to living-wage jobs. Part of the program is a 16-session "Community College 101" class that covers career exploration, the process of enrolling a a community college, financial aid and other topics.

NELA Centers for Student Success offer the Mentor 2 College program to improve college access and success rates for low-income, first generation and minority students. The program provides personal mentoring and support services to help students complete the college application and enrollment process.

The Washington Scholarship Coalition is a public/private partnership that aims to increase access to scholarships for Washington students. By logging into the "Washboard" website you can learn what scholarships you may be eligible for and how to apply for them.

Seattle Vocational Institute provides basic skills, professional-technical and workforce training opportunities through short-term, self-contained programs that lead to jobs with a future. Programs include medical, dental, construction, various computer-based offerings and more.

The College Success Foundation serves young people from middle school through post-college graduation. Programs are offered at four levels - middle school, high school, college and alumni.