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Three scholarship programs—Dream Big!, HAIG and NAHMA —are available to help people receiving housing assistance from Seattle Housing Authority. Scholarship funds may be used for vocational or technical schools, two-year colleges, or four-year colleges, depending on the program.

Additionally, Seattle Housing encourages 7th and 8th graders to sign up for the College Bound Scholarship. The College Bound Scholarship provides college tuition for low income students who promise to graduate from high school, demonstrate good citizenship, and seek admission to a college or university.

To learn more about the program and to learn how to sign up, go to

Dream Big! Scholarship

Each year the Higher Education Project awards at least two $1,000 Dream Big! Scholarships to SHA public housing residents and SHA Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) participants who would like to attend college, including technical school, on a full-time basis in the next academic year. The scholarship for tuition and fees is paid directly to the school. Applicants must be under 21 years old.

In 2016, we awarded seven scholarships of $1,000 each. The awardees are:

  • Zainab Malin
  • Kisanet (Yohanna) Gebregiorgis
  • Bariso Hussein
  • Dawit Tesfatsion
  • Dimpal Alvarez
  • Abdul Malik Ford
  • Idris Idris

Housing Authority Insurance Group Scholarships

In 2016, the Housing Authority Insurance, Inc. will offer 5 scholarships valued at $2,500 per scholarship. The submission period has closed for the 2016 Scholarship. Check back in early 2017 for information about the 2017 scholarship. All of the entries will be placed into a drawing and selected randomly.


  • Applicants must be public housing residents or recipients of Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) assistance for at least six months prior to applying.
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen

The entry process is simple; go online and visit Fill out the entry form and completely answer the questions, to be entered into a drawing for a chance to be awarded one of five scholarships, each worth $2,500. For assistance, contact us at 800-873-0242, ext. 639 or e-mail at

National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) Scholarships

All high school seniors, high school graduates, and adults holding a high school diploma or GED living in Seattle Housing Authority Housing are invited to apply for scholarship grants for higher education. The submission period has closed for the 2016 scholarship. Check back in early 2017 for information about the 2017 scholarship.

For more information or to apply, please go to National Affordable Housing Management Association Scholarships.

To learn about other scholarships for which you or your child may qualify, go to

The College Success Foundation creates a guide to scholarships every year. You can access that on their website, here: College Success Foundation - WA CSF Scholarship Guide