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Seattle Housing Authority's policies are reviewed and approved by the Board of Commissioners. The policies listed below are the most frequently requested ones and are provided for informational purposes only.

Policies are updated periodically, and those posted below may not be consistent with the policy in effect. In such cases, the policy in effect will be applied by Seattle Housing Authority.

Seattle Senior Housing Program policies are available in PDF format (download Adobe Reader):


Policy File Updated
PDF 35 KB 03/01/09
Eligibility factors
PDF 22 KB 05/01/10
Suitability factors
PDF 60 KB 07/01/10
Verification standards
PDF 12 KB 05/01/10
Tenant selection
PDF 32 KB 05/01/10
Adding/removing people to/from leases (L10.1-2) PDF 19 KB 05/01/10
Affirmative fair housing marketing (L10.7-1) PDF 15 KB 09/19/05


Policy File Updated
Occupancy standards
PDF 23 KB 08/01/05
Smoke detectors
PDF 14 KB 01/03/03
PDF 18 KB 02/03/06
Entry into occupied units
PDF 27 KB 6/1/11
Pest Control
PDF 15 KB 11/01/09
PDF 10 KB 01/01/11
PDF 9 KB 02/01/09
PDF 14 KB 01/01/11
PDF 26 KB 09/01/08
Transfers: Domestic violence, medical
PDF 21 KB 07/01/96
Transfers: Incentives
PDF 13 KB 03/01/01
Transfers: Studios, one-bedrooms
PDF 17 KB 04/01/05
Procedures for rule changes
PDF 62 KB 11/01/04
Abandoned personal property
PDF 13 KB 05/01/08
Parking Policy
(SHA-50 A10)
PDF 36 KB 08/01/10
Accountability for property after death
PDF 40 KB 05/01/08
Reimbursing personal property
PDF 16 KB 05/01/88
Community service and self-sufficiency requirements (L12.8-1) PDF 25 KB 07/24/09
Assistance to non-citizens
PDF 124 KB 05/01/10
Grievance policy and informal hearings
PDF 52 KB 08/29/05
Use of community space
PDF 28 KB 01/01/06

Rents, utilities, security deposits

Policy File Updated
Payment and deposit controls
PDF 32 KB 11/01/05
Rents and rent schedules
PDF 134 KB 06/01/12
Alternative rent due dates
PDF 18 KB 01/01/94
Eligibility for continued occupancy
PDF 27 KB 04/01/12
Interim certifications
PDF 157 KB 01/15/14
Determining Income
PDF 161 KB 01/15/14
Retroactive adjustments of rent charges
PDF 13 KB 05/01/10
Charges for late payment of rent
PDF 20 KB 09/19/05
Non-sufficient fund checks
PDF 15 KB 01/01/94
Security deposits
PDF 19 KB 11/01/09
Payment agreements
PDF 15 KB 01/01/11
Tenant Trust Accounts
PDF 19 KB 12/01/06

Other policies

Policy File Updated
Smoking policy
(SHA-50 B1)
PDF 351 KB 02/01/12
Leasing and Occupancy
PDF 8 KB 05/01/10
House rules (SHA-96 LIPH)
(L12.2-1 addendum)
PDF 72 KB 10/01/08
Pet policy (SHA-50 A1)
(L12.2-1 addendum)
PDF 30 KB 06/15/09
Assistance animal policy (SHA-50 A2)
(L12.2-1 addendum)
PDF 41 KB 06/15/09
Requests for accommodation
PDF 16 KB 10/01/09
Admissions office accessibility
PDF 11 KB 02/01/09
Interpretation and translation
PDF 897 KB 02/19/14
Live-in aides
PDF 20 KB 05/01/10
Fire losses caused by residents
PDF 32 KB 12/01/03