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Executive Staff

All Executive Staff are located at 190 Queen Anne Avenue North, P.O. Box 19028, Seattle, WA 98109.

Executive Director

Andrew Lofton
206-615-3500 (Tel)
206-615-3504 (Fax)

Deputy Executive Director

Anne Fiske Zuniga
206-615-3480 (Tel)
206-615-3504 (Fax)

Chief Financial Officer

Shelly Yapp
206-615-3390 (Tel)
206-615-3474 (Fax)

Director of Communications

Kerry Coughlin
206-615-3506 (Tel)
206-615-3504 (Fax)

Director of Development

Stephanie Van Dyke
206-615-3525 (Tel)
206-615-3539 (Fax)

Director of Housing Operations

Rod Brandon
206-615-3510 (Tel)
206-615-3484 (Fax)

Director of Housing Choice Voucher Program

Cynthia West
206-239-1616 (Tel)

Director of Housing Finance and Asset Management

Ann-Marie Lindboe
206-615-3553 (Tel)
206-615-3539 (Fax)

Director of Intergovernmental Relations

Lisa Wolters
206-239-1523 (Tel)
206-239-1770 (Fax)

Director of Policy

Andria Lazaga
206-615-3546 (Tel)
206.615.3539 (Fax)

General Counsel

James Fearn
206-615-3570 (Tel)
206-615-3509 (Fax)

Human Resources Director

Marc Nilsen
206-615-3323 (Tel)
206-615-3398 (Fax)

Community Services Administrator

John Forsyth
206-615-3579 (Tel)
206-615-3537 (Fax)

Chief Information Officer

Steve McDowell
206-615-3442 (Tel)
206-615- 3425 (Fax)