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Partner Housing

Partner housing units are owned and managed by many different agencies, including local nonprofits. Some units are owned and managed by Seattle Housing Authority's Impact Property Management division. They come in a range of bedroom sizes and are located in multi-family buildings and apartment buildings throughout the city.

These units are funded through the Section 8 Project-based and Mod Rehab programs, which provide housing payments to landlords for specific housing units. This is different than the traditional Housing Choice Voucher Program, where vouchers are given to eligible families who use them to rent in the private market.

Households in these programs earn 30 percent of area median income or less to qualify and pay 30 percent of monthly income for rent and utilities. They continue to pay reduced rent as long as they live in Project-based or Mod Rehab units.

Please note that the eligibility requirements and application procedures for partner housing are different than those of other programs.

A look at how the programs work—how to find available units, how much tenants pay for rent and utilities, reviews & inspections, moving, and terminating assistance.

Details about the rights and requirements of tenants and landlords, and the role Seattle Housing Authority plays in administering the Project-based and Mod Rehab programs.

Information on program income limits, and how criminal history, immigration status and debts owed to a housing authority affect program eligibility.

Answers to common questions about Project-based and Mod Rehab landlords, Housing Choice Vouchers, waiting lists, reporting income changes, and more.

A list of buildings with Project-based and Mod Rehab units. Applicants contact building managers directly to learn about eligibility guidelines, vacancies, and to apply for housing.

Contact this program

Seattle Housing Authority
P.O. Box 19028
190 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle WA 98109-1028

Telephone: 206-239-1728
Fax: 206-239-1770