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Employee Benefit Information

Seattle Housing Authority offers comprehensive and affordable insurances and an excellent leave package. Please refer to the Employee Benefits Guide below for a summary of your benefits.  Details of each benefit can be found on the link(s) for each topic.

Employee Benefits Guides

Please note: Seattle Housing Authority is subject to the City of Seattle's eligibility rules and regulations for the benefits that we receive through them, such as medical, dental, vision, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Basic and Supplemental Life insurance, and Basic & Supplemental Long Term Disability. Any request from an employee that is outside the guidelines set by the City of Seattle requires written approval from them. For the most up-to-date information, see the City of Seattle's page on this topic at

The City of Seattle and Seattle Housing Authority intend to continue these plans indefinitely but reserve the right to amend or terminate them at anytime in whole or part, for any reason, according to the amendment and termination procedures described in the legal documents. The benefits guide does not create a contract of employment with Seattle Housing Authority or its employees.

Please note: We've made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this information. If there is any discrepancy between what is presented here and the insurance contracts, other legal documents, or the terms of an authorized collective bargaining agreement, then the City of Seattle insurance contracts, other legal documents, and applicable collective bargain agreements will always govern.

Benefits Update

Flex-Plan Services’ Name Change to Navia

Flex-Plan Services, SHA’s flexible spending account administrator has changed names to Navia Benefits Solutions. Any emails or web site visits to the old flex-plan domain Flex-Plan will be re-routed to the new Navia domain Navia Benefits. If you are a current Flex Plan participant, your user name and password will remain the same. No new debit cards will be issued. If you currently have a card, you will receive a new card only when your current card expires. Contact Navia Benefits Solutions (425-452-3500) if you have questions.

Delta Dental of Washington Assigns New Member ID Numbers

Delta Dental of Washington will assign randomly selected alternate identification numbers to covered members in place of Social Security numbers, to help ensure the privacy of your information. Starting September 17, 2015, all correspondence from Delta Dental of Washington will display your alternate identification number. Members will receive a letter by U.S. mail announcing the change and will include two copies of your new identification card. If you have questions about the change, please contact Delta Dental of Washington at (206) 522-2300.

Plan 3 members regarding March record keeper transition

The Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) is mailing an informational flyer to all Plan 3 members regarding the transfer of Plan 3 record keeping services from ICMA-RC to Empower Retirement, effective March 4, 2016. The flyer reminds members about the upcoming record keeper changes and how their account access will be limited during what is known as a “blackout” period. The blackout period will be from 1pm February 22 through 8am March 4 (Pacific Time). DRS will send a final blackout reminder to employers and members in February.

The record keeper change is automatic, so Plan 3 members don’t need to do anything. As always, we encourage members to register for online account access to periodically review their account information. DRS has an online

Please contact Human Resources (206) 615-3328 if you find any discrepancies or non-functioning links. Upgrade resource center for all information related to the record keeper change. This center also includes an FAQ section for members who have additional questions. Members may also contact DRS Retirement Specialists at 800-547-6657, option 5, or 360-664-7062.

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